Graze – Custom by Takoya

Graze : Takoya

Not too long ago I joined a Gunpla contest held on Reddit, I had lots of fun building this custom idea! This is a contest required HG Graze for base model, I combined a Graze Kai with Gundam Leopard Da Vinci to compose the main body.

As you can tell, this is a leg from Gundam Leopard Da Vinci.


I cut off the nubs to make painting easier.


Missile pod from MG Zaku II, this one looks better than the Gundam Leopard Da Vinci ones… I added a piece of spruce to connect them to the legs.


Looks very good if you ask me.


Surprisingly, no mods needed to attach the legs to the Graze body. That’s why I started to fall in love with HGs again (I used to be a “MG fanboy”).

IMG_1344 IMG_1343

At this point, I had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures… So here is a picture of it in painting progress, with a Gundam that got her (?) new legs.


Since the “theme” of the contest is mercenaries, I decided to add a little identification of the shoulders. Simply use masking tape to create a cross and paint over it, also painted blue to create a little style. I could’ve painted it a little lighter for contrast.

Again, I forgot to take photos… So here you can see, I have painted and weathered the body. I used Tamiya chrome silver to paint around the edges to create chipping effect, then I used a sponge to “dry brush” with Tamiya enamels for dirt. I also used Citadel wash to on the missile pods as well(the brown bits on the missile).

I whipped up the cannon from Gundam IBO weapon pack and the bazooka from Kurenai weapon pack, painted, weathered, and attached to the back pack.

If you have good eyes, you should see a little bit of streaks of rust/dirt effect on shoulders and the white bits of the knees. That’s the result of brushing a little enamel thinners on the brown enamels, I will practice more on that because I really like the realism/military style on Gunpla.

IMG_1424 IMG_1425

I built a light box out of foam boards, could not imagine to be sooo easy to make one, strongly recommend everyone to make one especially if you like to show off your beauty Gundams. Also found a diorama base from the garage previously made by my partner, can’t forgive myself if I didn’t take it for photo shoot, muhaha.


IMG_1465 IMG_1468 IMG_1443

No I did not win the contest, however I am very proud of the build. This is the first time I used an airbrush, applying weathering effect, building a light box, and try to take “cool” photos of my build.

Every time when I look at this build, it reminds me of what I could’ve done better:

  • Details of the thrusters
  • Cleanliness of the parts
  • Colour Separations and contrast
  • Levels of weathering
  • Articulations of the build
  • Background of the light box(White backing with white diorama doesn’t go to well)
  • Photo shooting skills

One of the biggest joy about building Gunpla is being able to share the experience with other, so if you have the time please to share your thoughts and experience!

So until next time, happy building! (or modding, painting whatever brings you joy!)


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