Zeon Remnant Zaku I

What a long time since I made the first post! And I’m finally motivated enough to do another post. A while ago I made a custom Zaku I for a Reddit banner build. Since I wanted to learn some weathering skill, I decided a Zeon Remnant mobile suit would be a good excuse.

I started with The Origin Zaku I (Denim/Slender). As I was not prepared for a lot of custom work on the frame and body, a newer kit would be a good idea. Here are some colour scheme I planned.

zaku-1-3 zaku-1-copy

I ended up with this, I think the grey on the thigh made a nice separation for the mustard and the brown.


I must apologise as there are no photos to show before and after, but I will try my best to explain what I have done. After snapfitting, I used hobby knife and a hobby file to make scratches and damages here and there. It also marks where I plan to weather. I also used a nipper to make some damage to the leg armor.

Part separation was done on forearms and legs, they are much easier to do than expected.


I used epoxy putty to curved out the monoeye bridge because the normal rectangular eye bridge looks…. toy-ish. For the eye, I originally drilled a hole and fitted a MS sight lens (red). However the red did not shine through enough, so I just painted it over with Tamiya enamel white mixed with a drop of red.


Weathered the commander antenna slot to highlight that part, maybe it used to be a commander suit? Who knows.


I placed the round shoulder piece on the right instead of the left like it was supposed to be, so that is looked a bit more balanced with the shield.

After painting the shoulder, I dabbed some hobby cement on and brushed it with a spare toothbrush to rough out the surface. Then dry brushed chrome silver, sand brown, and flat brown. Very happy with the result.


On the left shoulder, a piece of MS Panel 01 was used to cover some slots as well as creating a repaired look.

I put some MS Armor 01 to cover the slot on the shield, two Kotobukiya spikes on the front, how else are you gonna make your punch hurt? I drilled a hole and fitted a spare spruce as a handle.

Fun part with the gashes, simply heat up a metal thing (in this case I used my paint stirrer) and slice the part. Careful though, they melt easily so I recommend practicing on the spruce first.


Here are the most iconic part of this build, the graffiti! I decided to name the gun Busta, got the idea from Firefly because we love our guns.

The machine gun is from Dom tropen (sand brown), in hoping to create a image of different generation (older machine with slightly newer gun). Dry brushed with Flat aluminum, chrome silver, and flat brown.


Being a Zeon Remnant suit, we don’t want to forget the glory of Zeon, “SIEG ZEON” no doubt is the best to put on the suit too! Both drawing were hand drawn on with Tamiya Enamel white. Since I top coated it before the white, I can always wipe it off and redo it until I run out of patience.


Scraped the thigh for damage with a metal stirrer, and weathered with chrome silver and flat brown.

Same cement and brush trick used on the knee armor, specifically used brown panel liner to increase realism.


Oh good ol’ metal stirrer, how am I gonna slice the right leg without you? I slice it a little heavier to puncture the piece. Same old chrome silver, flat brown and sand brown to dry brush.

With the streaking, dip a dot of flat brown near the hole. After a few minutes, load a brush with enamel thinner and lightly… I SAID LIGHTLY brush down the leg, and leave a light trail of the brown.

More dry brushing on the leg area.


Onto the left leg, heat up a toothpick to create bullet holes. Then some streaking effect like the other leg.


To make it more used and a bit more custom, a put on a panel from MS Panel 01, and two MS Thruster 01 on each leg.


I weathered the whole kit with chrome silver, then flat brown and occasionally some other brown depending on the part.

Girlfriend’s eyeshadow Weathering powder was used to replicate burnt effect. However it is not very visible as I wanted.


Another new trick I tried on the feet, I shaved some oil pastels and used them as weathering powder. Load a brush with the pastel and lightly sprinkle it on desired location. I then proceeded to wet it with enamel thinner, it will melt the pastel slightly and makes them stay there. Keep layering it up (powder > thinner > powder > thinner) until desired texture achieved.


Ever since I used Citadel Shade product, I totally fell in love with them. It is a very easy to use “wash” to weather your Gunpla. Simply load your brush with it and brush on, it can effectively lower the tone of the base colour and give it a more “used” effect. I normally will make sure it doesn’t leave a water mark on the piece, unless of course that is what I am after.


It has been a really fun build for me, I genuinely enjoyed the process and am very happy with the result! While I am not even close to being a “weathering master”, this is a very good lesson on making a gunpla look more realistic.

I leave the rest of the pictures here for anyone interested.

As always, happy building!


img_2781 img_2783





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