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My local Facebook “Gundam Builders Australia” is currently hold a contest, the topic is “weathering”. Being quite into that aspect of Gunpla, I am trying my luck towards it! I chose Gyan revive because it is a newer kit, so I can focus on weathering without messing with the kit too much. Not only that, with Gyan’s simple design and its curve and angular armour panels will help me to practice(and show off) different weathering skills! So, here we go.

First I started off enhancing the panel gap with a square chisel. This adds more “robotism” and more room for weathering. Left is enhanced and right is original.

Some usual C-section technique, help a lot when painting. Also I got to remove the seam line on the forearm, it is minor but it is still an eyesore.

Here is something new I tried, using plaplate (styrene sheets) to elongate thigh joints. Simply insert the universal joint into the bagel looking ones to cushion the joint, I also used the small plaplate bits to lengthened the pegs.

May not look much now, but remember, painting, lighting, and camera angle will help it shows its long legs!

These are the shoulder bits and the armour at the back of the knee. I used Mr. Surfacer 1000 and a brush to stiple(is it what it is called?) to replicate a cast iron looking effect. Pretty happy with the texture.

Similar texture but different technique I tried on the kneecaps, but with plastic cement and a brush.

Primed with Mr. Surfacer 1000 and on the right is painted one, I painted with some brighter colour since weathering will bring down the colour tone by a lot. Also notice new panel lines on front skirt.

Stay tuned for weathering next!


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